Fadna Immuni Tea Bags - 20.00 pcs

Fadna Immuni Tea Bags – 20 pcs


Herbal immunity boosting Tea



Herbal immunity boosting Tea

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About this product

This formula contains ginger, cooriander and thippili a household remedy reputed as “The Mother’s Formula.”This combination is a time tested formula used for immunue boost against Common Cold, Viral Fever, Body Pain, Catarrh and General wellness used from generation to generation. This formula additionally possesses preventive and curative properties. Regular use balances ‘Three Doshas’ (Vatha, Pitta, Kapha) the three bio energies, hence it is considered as an immune enhancer in Ayurveda. As an immunity boosting measure it can be used to abort frequent common cold attacks and catarrh. As this combination is 100% natural and time tested it can be used for children too. This Tea is specific as booster for winter ailments such as sneezing, running nose and nasal obstruction. This preparation’s authentic aroma will reflect the natural goodness of the product.


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