Kist Mango Nectar-500ml

Kist Mango Nectar-500ml


Mango Nectar



About this product

Kist Fun fruit – Mango Nectar – The Mango that you can Drink! It has a delicate flavour that is both sweet and sour and can be used as an ingredient to flavour mixed cocktails to wind up your day as well. Thanks to Kist’s unique aseptic packaging technology, Kist buys large fruit quantities from local farmers during the season & stores without adding any preservatives to use during the off season. ganudenulanka contributes 50 Cents to a farmer foundation, for each 1kg of fruit and vegetables purchased by Kist for manufacturing it’s product range. This is used for a special welfare fund (Sarubima Fund) focused on empowering farmer’s children through education.


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