Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing Lotion-300ml

Vaseline Total Moisture Nourishing Lotion-300ml


Body Lotion



About this product

Nourish your skin every day with this total moisture body lotion from Vaseline. Featuring pure soya extracts with stratys, this moisturizer provides 24-hour nourishment for your skin. It gives you soft, supple, and radiant looking skin. Reduce dryness and dullness with this effective body lotion from Vaseline. It is packed in a 200 ml bottle that is convenient to use. The micro-droplets of petroleum jelly reach your deepest skin cells and lock in moisture for smooth and supple skin. Use this body moisturizer regularly for best results. Buy this bottle now and enjoy soft, radiant and glowing skin with Vaseline total moisture body lotion.


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